Sequoia Investment Management Company is an asset management company based in London. We specialize in infrastructure debt asset management and offer our investors asset management, tailored advice and structured solutions.

Infrastructure debt asset management

Sequoia is a specialist infrastructure debt investment management company. We have been a leader in this sector, transforming it from a lending asset class to an investment asset class, working closely with investors and other key counterparties. Our perspective is truly global: Sequoia's Directors have worked in the global capital and money markets of London, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

Sequoia's Directors have run business units as Managing Directors and Directors at major European and US investment banks, asset management companies and credit rating agencies. They have worked together and known each other for 10-20+ years. They have originated, structured, rated and managed USD, EUR and GBP debt transactions and investment funds ranging from plain-vanilla infrastructure bonds to complex securitizations and infrastructure-related leveraged buy-outs.

Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund

The Directors have a very strong track record in asset management. Sequoia is the Investment Advisor on Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund (www.seqifund.com), a FTSE 250 listed infrastructure debt fund on the London Stock Exchange that invests in mezzanine and senior infrastructure debt. The Directors have managed $6 billion in assets at previous institutions through managing multi-currency investment portfolios, risk-managing bank balance sheet exposure and direct lending to project finance transactions.

Sourcing infrastructure assets globally

Sequoia is in the global market on a daily basis sourcing mezzanine and senior infrastructure debt. Our investors benefit from our ability to originate primary market transactions, participate in refinancings and source secondary assets from around the globe.

Strict investment criteria. Seasoned investment and capital markets professionals

Sequoia employs strict criteria for selecting infrastructure debt investments. We conduct a thorough bottom-up credit analysis of project asset quality, capital structure, covenants and transaction documents. We interview the borrower and the agent bank where necessary. We rate each loan using the Sequoia Infrastructure Credit Model and the judgment of our Investment Committee. Sequoia's Directors are seasoned investment and capital markets professionals with 20-25 years' experience each.

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Sequoia Investment Management Company specializes in infrastructure debt and structured finance asset management

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